I've had several interventions about users not seeing their Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Outlook on the calendar tab.
Several solutions may be used but i've had to use a less-common one to make the add-in work on Outlook.

TeamsAddin 1

First steps to try

First, you should try to follow the steps explained on the Microsoft Tech community:

For me it was not enough, the Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in was not showing-up in the addins part of Outlook event after a fresh and clean reinstallation of Office 365 and Teams using the Office 365 cleanup tool.

My solution

 To make it work, I had to copy the add-in from one working computer to another and register the DLL. Go to the following folder from a computer where the add-ing is working


You should see one or several folder versions, take a copy of the most recent one. While writing this article the version was 1.0.20091.2 .

TeamsAddin 2

 Now go to the computer where the add-in does not work and follow exactly the following steps:

  • Quit Outlook application
  • Quit Teams application
  • Go to the add-in folder and remove all it's content (delete all existing folder versions); then paste the version you copied from the working computer

 TeamsAddin 5

  • Start a command line as Administrator (run as administrator) and type the following command, do not forget to adapt the username and teh folder version in the command (in bold on the sample command line)
regsvr32 /i:user "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\TeamsMeetingAddin\FOLDERVERSION\x64\Microsoft.Teams.AddinLoader.dll"
for my sample, the path is: "C:\Users\shoff\AppData\Local\Microsoft\TeamsMeetingAddin\1.0.20091.2\x64\Microsoft.Teams.AddinLoader.dll"

TeamsAddin 3

  • Start Teams
  • Wait one minute
  • Start Outlook

You may have to restart the computer

The add-in is now showing-up in Outlook ! 

TeamsAddin 4